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The xvc codec version 2.0 has been available since July 2018. The source code of the xvc codec is available as open source under LGPL-2.1 at github.com/divideon/xvc.

What is xvc?

The xvc codec is a new video codec, released in its first version in September 2017. The codec is a modern and flexible software-defined video compression format which includes a reference encoder and a reference decoder. The xvc codec is primarily based on compression tools that originates from MPEG standards such as AVC/H.264 and HEVC, but it also includes technology that goes beyond those standards, enabling a high level of compression performance at reasonable encoding and decoding complexity.

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The features and technology included in xvc.

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The xvc codec has been developed by by the software video compression company Divideon. For more information about Divideon please visit Divideon’s website or contact info@divideon.com.