A world-class video codec – now with a royalty-free baseline profile

The second version of the xvc video codec was released in July 2018 and it comes with new tools for improved compression performance and a royalty-free baseline profile. Divideon has created an online demo which shows the improvements that can be achieved by deploying xvc in mobile streaming applications. Please try it out here. If you would like to start using xvc today, you will find the source code at github.com/divideon/xvc and information about the terms for using it at the licensing page.

What is xvc?

The xvc codec is a new video codec first released in September 2017. The codec is a modern and flexible software-defined video compression format which includes a reference encoder and a reference decoder. The xvc codec is primarily based on compression tools that originates from MPEG standards such as AVC/H.264 and HEVC, but it also includes technology that goes beyond those standards, enabling unprecedented compression performance.

Unique features

  • Royalty based next-generation video codec.

  • Better compression performance than HEVC and AV1.

  • Open source reference software available on Github at github.com/divideon/xvc

  • One-stop shop license covering all rights to use the software including patent rights.

  • Unique indemnification clause offering protection from patent trolls.

  • Royalty-free baseline profile.

The unique licensing model ensures that users of the xvc codec only need to acquire a single license and need not to worry about potential external third-party royalty claims. You can read more about the different licenses here and more about the indemnification clause here.

Learn more

Read more background information about xvc on the concept page.

The features and technology included in xvc.

Read the FAQ.

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The xvc source code, the xvc one stop license and the xvc indemnification clause are all provided by the software video compression company Divideon. For more information about Divideon please visit Divideon’s website or contact info@divideon.com.