The xvc licence comes in three flavors: xvc free, xvc pro and xvc unlimited.

The full license agreement can be found here: xvc license r1.1.

The table below summarizes the properties of the three different xvc licenses.


 xvc freexvc proxvc unlimited
Access to xvc reference encoder and xvc reference decoderYesYesYes
Restricted usageCan only be used for personal use, education, research, standardization and internal evaluation.No restrictions.No restrictions.
Commercial useNoYesYes
Grant back or reciprocity requirements NoNoNo
Defensive suspensionYesYesYes
License fee$0$0.02 / instance and month
$1,000,000 / month
Reporting of number of xvc instances requiredNoYesNo
Content feesNoNoNo

An xvc instance is defined as an entity performing operations related to one or more xvc bitstreams. Such operations may include, but is not limited to; producing/encoding xvc bitstreams, decoding xvc bitstreams, transcoding to/from xvc bitstreams, analyzing xvc bitstreams, validating xvc bitstreams, distributing xvc bitstreams, transmitting xvc bitstreams, packing/unpacking xvc bitstreams, encrypting xvc bitstreams, fragmenting xvc bitstreams, mulitplexing xvc bitsreams. The licenses are not limited to the specific implementations of the xvc reference software. However, the licences apply only to the methods included in the reference software and only when used in the context of performing operations related to one or more xvc bitstreams.

The xvc pro and xvc unlimited licenses requires a signed xvc License Agreement to be sent to Divideon.