Organizations and individuals that have patent rights pertaining to methods included in the xvc reference software are entitled to receive a share of the total revenue attained through the xvc licenses. Such organizations and individuals are called xvc licensors. A licensor may possess multiple patents on methods that are included in the xvc reference software. Evaluation of validity of patent infringement is performed on a case by case basis and the total revenue paid out to a licensor is proportional to the number of validated patents according to the following model:

where Rx is the share assigned to company X, Px is the number of patents for company X, Y is the total revenue income and Pall is the total number of patents.

Of the total licensing income, 70% is divided among the patent holders and 30% is assigned to Divideon.

The same method may be patented in a large number of regions and countries but all xvc licenses apply on a worldwide basis. The following model is used in order to balance for possible uneven number of regional patents applying to the same method:

Each patent family contributes to Pwith between 1 and 4 units depending on in how many regions patents from the same family has been granted:

2 for when at least one patent has been granted in US or by the EPO, or

1 for when at least one patent has been granted in at least one country, but not in US or by the EPO,

+ 0.5 for each, up to 4, additional countries.

If you represent a company or organization holding patent on technology that is included in xvc, please check out the patents page for more information on how to get registered and receive your share of the licensing revenue.