This page contains information on the patents that are included in the xvc license for usage in the context of xvc implementations.

List of xvc Patents

The following list shows all xvc Patents.

Patent HolderCountry CodePatent Number
The list is updated continuously with addition of new patents as soon as they have been registered. Addition of new patents does not affect the fees for the xvc license.

Registration and removal of patents

If you find that xvc makes use of methods that are patented by your organization, you are entitled a share of the licensing income. You can read more about the structure for the xvc reward program at the licensors page.

If your organization wants to register a patent for the xvc reward program, the first step is for an authorized representative of your organization to fill in the necessary paperwork, please contact to receive forms and additional information on the patent registration process.

If your organization does not want a specific patent to be included in the reward program and you do not want xvc to continue to use your patented method, you can request the patent to be removed from xvc. A patent removal request also needs to made by an authorized representative of your organization. Please contact to receive forms for requesting removal a of patented method from xvc.

The xvc license and the xvc reward program do not require organizations to include all patents used by xvc into the reward program. Your organization has full freedom to chose which patents you would like to have included. However, a submission to include a patent into the reward program is irrevocable, except for in the case of defensive suspension, as described in the xvc license.

Reward is counted starting from the date when a request for registration has reached Divideon. There is no reward or reimbursement for retrospective usage of patented technology.